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Committees, Boards and Corporations

After each municipal election, Council appoints citizens to various boards and committees that make decisions or recommendations on a variety of matters.

The term of the appointment is four (4) years (concurrent with the term of Council).

Public Appointments to Boards, Committees and Corporations

The Town of Kapuskasing is seeking expressions of interest, from members of the public for appointment to the following Town Committees, Boards and Corporations for the 2022-2026 term:

  • Beautification Committee
  • Business Improvement Area Board of Management
  • Kapuskasing and District Planning Board
  • Kapuskasing Municipal Non-Profit Housing Corporation
  • Kapuskasing Police Service Board
  • Kapuskasing Public Library Board
  • Senior, Youth and Citizen Advisory Committee

Additional information regarding these boards, Committees and Corporations

All Applications should be submitted to:

Town of Kapuskasing
Chantal Guillemette, Clerk
88 Riverside Drive
Kapuskasing, ON   P5N 1B3 

The Committee will comprise of:

  • two (2) to four (4) citizens
  • two (2) Councillor

The Beautification Committee aims to showcase community pride through ongoing initiatives fueled by public engagement and business sponshoships while establishing partnerships with the Kapuskasing Horticultural Society, service clubs and businesses. 

The resource staff person is Marc Clavelle

The Business Improvement Area Board of Management is comprised of six members:

  • four (4) elected by the Downtown Merchants Association
  • two (2) Councillors

The BIA meets four times per year. The business improvement area covers the following areas, Circle, Queen Street from the Circle to Dallyn Avenue, Cain Avenue from Riverside Drive to the Circle and as far as the Dollarama, McPherson from the Circle to Riverside Drive and Byng Avenue from Riverside Drive to Queen Street. The BIA levy requisition is raised from within the BIA based on share of business levy and funds are utilized for improvement projects and for promotion of the area.

The resource staff persons are Guylain Baril and Chantal Guillemette.

The Kapuskasing Economic Development Corporation (KEDC) is the municipality's primary vehicle for promoting economic growth. The Kapuskasing EDC is responsible for business development, business retention and expansion, and entrepreneurial support.

The Kapuskasing EDC is committed to improving the economic well-being of residents through the growth and expansion of local businesses and the attraction of new businesses to Kapuskasing.

The Kapuskasing and District Professional Health Care Recruitment and Retention is comprised of representatives from the communities of Opasatika to Smooth Rock Falls and Sensenbrenner Hospital. Each of the partners contribute to the recruitment and retention initiatives.

The Kapuskasing and District Planning Board is comprised of seven (7) members:

  • two (2) Councillors
  • four (4) citizen members
  • one (1) provincial appointee

The Board meets four times per year and is responsible for advising Council on planning matters such as official plan and zoning by-law amendments.

The resource staff/Secretary Treasurer is Jon Beadow.

The Kapuskasing Local Citizens Committee is comprised of 25 members representing municipalities from Fauquier to Mattice and organizations which have an active interest in the forest.

The Committee meets monthly and participates in forest management planning activities to ensure local interests are communicated, provide consultation, participate in forest management activities and provide advice to the MNR District Manager on forest management planning issues.

The Kapuskasing Municipal Non-Profit Corporation is administered by the Housing Services department of the Cochrane District Social Services Administration Board and is comprised of seven (7) members:

The Corporation meets 10 times per year and oversees the Grandvue seniors' building at 32 McPherson Avenue.

The Board Resource staff person is Michel Garon.

The Kapuskasing Police Services Board is comprised of five members:

  • the Mayor
  • one (1) Councillor
  • two (2) appointed by the Province
  • one (1) citizen

The municipality has a policing services contract with the Ontario Provincial Police.

The resource staff persons are Guylain BarilPat Kennedy and Chantal Guillemette.

The Kapuskasing Public Library Board is comprised of five (5) members who meet 10 times per year:

  • three (3) citizens
  • two (2) Councillors

The Library's mission statement is to provide a comfortable and enjoyable learning atmosphere for all members of the community. The municipality's contribution goes towards operations, liability insurance, building maintenance and utilities.

The CEO/Secretary-Treasurer is Julie Latimer and the Library Services Manager is Aliela Gaulin.

The North Centennial Manor Inc. Board of Directors is comprised of seven (7) directors and meets 10 times per year:

  • the Kapuskasing Mayor
  • one (1) Councillor
  • one (1) director from the East
  • one (1) director from the West
  • one (1) director from Kapuskasing
  • two (2) directors at large

Northern Ontario Wires Inc. is comprised of six directors and meets 10 times per year:

  • one (1) representative from Kapuskasing Council
  • one (1) representative from Iroquois Falls Council
  • one (1) representative from Cochrane Council
  • the NOW Inc. CEO-President
  • two (2) Cochrane citizens

NOW Inc. is the local distribution company, owned by the Town of Cochrane and provides services to Kapuskasing, Iroquois Falls and Cochrane. NOW Inc. is regulated by the Ontario Energy Board.

The Porcupine Health Unit is comprised of 14 members representing communities from Hornepayne to Black River-Matheson to Moosonee. The Porcupine Health Unit works with communities in our area to promote and protect health

The Advisory Committee is to be comprised of:

  • four (4) citizens;
  • two (2) Councillors
  • one (1) staff resource person

The committee will provide recommendations and advice to Council on matters which have a direct or indirect impact on citizens in the community.

The Sensenbrenner Hospital Board is comprised of 15 members representing communities from Fauquier-Strickland to Opasatika. The Board meets monthly to administer the affairs of the Sensenbrenner Hospital.

The Source Water Protection Committee is comprised of six (6) members:

The Committee meets four times per year and is responsible to guide the development of local source protection plans in areas of municipal jurisdiction.

The Committee will identify, assess and address risks to drinking water within the municipal wellhead and intake protection areas to ensure safe and best practices.

The resource staff persons are Guylain BarilTammy Richard and Chantal Guillemette.

The Sports Palace Bar Operating Committee is comprised of:

  • one (1) Councillor
  • nine (9) members of community

The committee oversees the operation of the bar under the Sports Palace liquor permit.

The resource staff person is Marc Clavelle

The Kapuskasing Tourism Development Committee is a sub-committee of the Kapuskasing Economic Development Corporation (KEDC). The mandate of the Kapuskasing Tourism Development Committee is to provide advice, recommendations, information and expertise to the KEDC Board to help with planning, decision making and strengthening support for the Town's tourism sector. 

  • This includes making recommendations on the investment of the Municipal Accommodation Tax (MAT) funds within the context of the Tourism Development Strategy.
  • The Tourism Development Strategy is required prior to any investment of MAT fund.

The Kapuskasing Tourism Development Committee relies on the expertise of its members for input into investment decisions, in alignment with the identified strategy. This includes high-level resource allocation for key markets including meetings, conventions, sports, leisure, business and tourism development initiatives related to product development and investment attraction.

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