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Public Works

The primary function of the Public Works department is to provide the required maintenance of all:

  • roads
  • sidewalks
  • sanitary sewers
  • water mains
  • lanes
  • parking lots
  • ditches
  • bridges
  • and much more

Public Works is also responsible for:

Contact Information

To contact the Public Works department, call 705-337-4468 or email.

Did you know?

  • All street lighting concerns or inquiries are to be presented to the Public Works department via the Public Service Request (PSR).
  • Winter sanding is provided on a daily basis and on an emergency basis via the department on-call system.
  • Snow removal operations are carried out in both commercial and residential areas on a priority roadway basis.
  • Public Works maintains and repairs storm sewers that collect rain run-off from streets.
  • Public Works also maintains and repairs water mains, hydrants, valves and water service connections to property lines.
  • Public Works plows and sands some sidewalks during the winter months, mainly along major routes and school routes.
  • In the springtime, the Public Works department performs a streetsweep in order to remove winter sand build-up.
  • The Public Works department undertakes a program of sidewalk and curb repairs each year based on the identified needs.

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