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Animal Services

Domestic Animals

The Town of Kapuskasing is a pet-friendly community. In order to promote the appropriate care of household pets, the Town of Kapuskasing offers several services. Proper care of animals however starts at home. Every owner shall register their dog and/or cat with the Town of Kapuskasing. Pet owners must be aware of municipal by-laws concerning animals. Please refer to the following Guide for pet owners.

There are three main by-laws that regulate pets:

  • The Animal Control By-law
  • The Dog Barking By-law
  • The Noise By-law

These by-laws can be found on our Civic Web.

The Animal Control By-law requires that:

  • all dogs and cats must wear a Town of Kapuskasing tag
  • all dogs must be kept on a leash that is no longer than two (2) meters in length when off of private property or they must be confined to your property at all times.
  • If you see a dog running at large, please contact the By-Law Enforcement Officer.

The Noise and Dog Barking By-Law states that no person owning a domestic animal shall allow or permit their pet to make persistent barking, whining or other similar persistent noise in the Municipality. It is the owners' responsibility to ensure that their pet does not interfere with the neighbours' enjoyment of their property.

The Municipality has established a short term incentive for cat spaying and neutering. Please refer to our fee schedule to find out the current costs.


  • Owner must submit completed application to the Civic Centre for consideration
  • Owner must be a resident of Kapuskasing
  • Cat must be registered with the Town of Kapuskasing
  • Maximum annual income as follows: $40,000 for single and $50,000 for family

To learn about the applicable fees and charges visit our CivicWeb or contact the By-Law Enforcement officer for more information.


Living in Northern Ontario is a great way to experience wildlife. However, there are some wildlife that can become a nuisance.

When beavers build dams, this can cause a back-up of creeks and rivers throughout the Municipality. Trappers, with an agreement from the property owner, can be contracted to remove the nuisance beaver. The Ministry of Natural Resources can license local trappers for certain geographical areas.

For options on how to control beaver on private lands, read these notes on options for controlling beavers on private land.

Bears are located in the area as well. The Ministry of Natural Resources has a Bear Wise program that provides tips and information on how to prevent the bears from becoming a nuisance.

Contact Bear Wise at 866-514-2327 to report all bear sightings and problems.

In the event that a bear is on your property and there is an urgent threat to personal safety, please call 911.

Skunks become a nuisance when their burrowing and feeding habits cause problems for humans. They may burrow under porches or buildings by entering foundations openings.

Skunks can be caught in live traps set near the entrance to their den. The Municipality provides a service for trapping of small animals with cages, for a fee. Contact the By-Law Enforcement Officer for more details.

The Animal Control By-Law provides that no person shall keep livestock, pigeons or rabbits unless permitted by zoning.

This by-law can be found on our Civic Web

The Ontario Wildlife Damage Compensation Program provides financial assistance to producers whose livestock, poultry and honey bees have been damaged by wildlife.

Contact the By-Law Enforcement Officer
Tel: 705-335-2341

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