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Property Standards

Kapuskasing takes pride in keeping its community beautiful, liveable and sustainable. Our Property Standard By-law is responsible for enforcing property maintenance standards to ensure our community remains in good condition.

The following information provides an overview of this by-law, however if you would like more details, please refer to the actual by-law in our Civic Web.

Structures shall be maintained in a structurally sound condition.

  • Shall be protected by paint, preservative or other weather resistant.
  • Shall be kept in a structural sound condition and free of accident hazards.
  • Shall not present an unsightly appearance.

permit from the Building & Planning Department is required to install a temporary structure.

For information on Temporary Structures, please refer to the regulation sheet.

Access the permission form to build a fence and for more information.

  • Shall be maintained in a clean and reasonable state of repair to prevent fire, accidents or hazards to health.
  • All grassed and landscaped areas shall be cut and maintained in a reasonable condition.
  • Any rubbish or debris, shall be removed or stored out of sight in a safe and sanitary building or container.
  • Vacant lots must be kept clean and clear of all objects, machinery or equipment that is non-functional, worthless or have salvage value only.

For more information, please refer to the Yards and Vacant Lots By-Law in our Civic Web.

No fill shall be allowed to remain in an unlevelled state on any property for longer than thirty (30) days.

  • All trees on the premises shall be kept trimmed so as to be free from dead, diseased or dying branches which may be a source of danger.
  • All diseased or dead trees which may be a source of danger must be removed.

Questions or concerns regarding a specific property can be forwarded to By-Law Enforcement.

Thank you for helping to keep Kapuskasing beautiful.

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