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Water System

Water System

The Public Works Department is responsible for the distribution and delivery of safe drinking water to Kapuskasing residents.

As owner and operator of the Water Treatment Plant, the Town of Kapuskasing is committed to:

  • Comply with the Safe Drinking Act
  • Maintain and continue to improve the Drinking Water Quality Management System (DWQMS)
  • Provide safe drinking water

Source water for the drinking water system is obtained from three production wells situated within the esker complex south of Proulx Lake and north of Clear Lake.

Water is softened using two "Claricone" blanket type clarifiers. In the lime-softening process the pH of the water is raised sufficiently to precipitate calcium carbonate. This method also removes many metals such as iron and manganese but introduce no additional salt. A coagulant is then added to help settle the precipitate. The water then passes through a carbon dioxide tank to lower the pH and stabilize it for distribution. The water is filtered and disinfected with chlorine.

Kapuskasing utilizes chloramination as its secondary disinfection (addition of ammonia to produce chloramines). High quality softened water is supplied to the community with an average hardness of 80 mg/L (4.7 grains).

Documents available for public viewing:

Questions and issues relating to water infrastructure should be directed to the Public Works Department.

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