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Burn Permits

The Kapuskasing Fire Department would like to remind everyone that permits are required for all contained burning sites such as outdoor fireplaces and campfires within the Town of Kapuskasing.

Contained Site Burning Permits

The use of outdoor fireplaces and fire pits are permitted, but the following guidelines must be met before a contained site burning permit is issued:

  1. All outdoor fireplaces or fire pits must be inspected and approved by the Fire Chief prior to installation
  2. Construction plans for outdoor fireplaces or outdoor open fires must be approved by the Fire Chief prior to construction
  3. Locations of all outdoor fire appliances must be inspected and approved by the Fire Chief prior to installation or construction

The Fire Chief will establish administrative and fire prevention guidelines which must be observed by owners of outdoor fire appliances.

The Fire Chief or his designate are responsible to administering and enforcing this policy.

Contact the Kapuskasing Fire Department to obtain all fire and burning permits.
  • Tel: 705-335-4225
  • Email

Open Air Burning

No open air burning is permitted in the Town of Kapuskasing. For more information regarding open air burning please refer to the Open Air Burning By-law 2780 in our Civic Web.

Did you know?

The Fire Chief may require immediate extinguishing of a fire should a complaint regarding smoke from an outdoor appliance be received.

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